Fridays, 9:30-11:30 at Kelston Community Hub 68 St. Leonards Road, Kelston.

ALL WELCOME! Fun activities! Come down for a cuppa and enjoy playtime!

Come and enjoy fun and activities with your children at the Hub. Arts and crafts, painting, playdough, books, ride on toys, building blocks.


  • Playing to empower children’s learning
  • Loving and nurturing environment
  • Supporting parents
  • Growing and learning together
  • Relationships to build strong communities

General Information

To be successful experience for parents and children our Te Kerehana Hub Playgroup asks that all adults are:

  • Responsible for the children in each session. This means keeping an eye out for children’s safety, making sure that there are adults both inside and outside, and stepping in to help if there is a problem.
  • To decide what play activities will be made available at each session
  • To share ideas on how to support children’s learning through different experiences
  • To be creative and use positive ways of managing children’s behaviour

(A copy of behaviour management policy is available with the enrolment form)

What to bring

  • Dress your child/children in practical play clothes, and bring spare clothes
  • Nappies, wipes
  • Baby food/milk
  • Any play ideas you might have and things we can recycle in our play experiences. E.g. plastic milk bottles, egg cartons, clean yoghurt containers etc.

Contact Playgroup co-ordinator on (09) 813 9670

Contact Us

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