• Rakeiti Shepherd
    Rakeiti Shepherd BOOST and Sewing Class Facilitator
  • Babara Peri
    Babara Peri Project Whenua Facilitator
  • Ngaire Joe
    Ngaire Joe Te Kerehana Playgroup Coordinator
  • Josephine Ualika
    Josephine Ualika KELP Support Worker
  • Limaree Perese
    Limaree Perese Board Member
  • Valeria Edwards
    Valeria Edwards Hub Manager

    Valeria is of Maori & Samoan descent, she has had a long association with the Kelston community and has a passion to give back to a community that has given so much to her growing up in the area.   She has been in education for over 15 years and is passionate about making a difference.

  • Manuna Kaho
    Manuna Kaho KELP Support Worker

    My name is Manu and I have a beautiful boy. I lived in Iran for 8 years, and I feel this has helped me connect with all ethnicities. I love being able to help people, and when I’ve been around the community I know I have done well to help those that need it. I am a proud Tongan, and love embracing my culture.

  • Sylvia Teariki
    Sylvia Teariki Board Secretary

    Kia Orana, My name is Sylvia Teariki. I’ve been a resident of Kelston for over 25yrs and over the years I have seen the heart and generosity of Kelstons residents especially when people are in need. I am honoured to serve our local hub as the secretary and am blessed to work alongside Kelstonians who band together for Kelston. I volunteer with Ponsonby Kelston Rugby and am currently working at Kelston Intermediate and love it. My 3 children attend the local schools, they enjoy the outdoor spaces at Brains park and the footpath at Archibald Park has become a favourite place to walk through. If you see me around the neighbourhood dont be a stranger come and say hello. Looking forward to seeing you at the hub or at the Kelston Community events held throughout the year.

  • Erica Maaka
    Erica Maaka Hub Administrator

    I’ve lived in Kelston for 18 years, my 3 boys, aged 30, 25 and 19 all went through the local schools and now work together as scaffolder’s. I previously worked at HIPPY, Kelston Intermediate, Kelston Boys and St Leonards Road School where I worked for 10 years before becoming administrator for Kelston Community Hub.

  • Sela Tai
    Sela Tai KELP Administrator

    I’m a proud Westie, born and raised in Massey. My 2 brothers went to Kelston Boys and 1  brother went to St Leonards. I’ve worked as an Alternative Education tutor in Avondale. I love to encourage and connect with people to inspire with hope and give support and care.

  • Virginia Connell
    Virginia Connell Cooking Coordinator
  • Angela Calvert
    Angela Calvert BOOST Coordinator

    I live locally and am the mother of 2 beautiful children. I help out with the KELP programme and I am the coordinator for the Flood Recovery Support programme. It’s a privilege to be a part of the Hub and the awesome community of Kelston.

  • Jo Walker
    Jo Walker Board Chairperson

    I am a third generation Kelstonian. I have 3 daughters, all of which, like my husband and I, went through all the local Kelston schools. I’m very passionate about local residents and the community. I had the pleasure of being involved in establishing the ‘Kelston Community Hub”.

  • Rhonda Vegar
    Rhonda Vegar Board Treasurer

    Rhonda has lived in Kelston all her life and attended the local schools. She has children in the local schools and is actively involved in a number of volunteer groups.

  • Daphne Fusitua
    Daphne Fusitua KELP Coordinator

    Daphne co-ordinates an exciting new project called the Kelston Early Learning Project.  Daphne is here to actively support whanau in getting their 3 or 4 year olds into an Early Childhood Education Centre.  By encouraging our whanau to engage in early learning we are preparing our children to get a good start once they transition to school.


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